Monday, December 28, 2009

working on now...

this is a pieces, i am starting the new year off with. i have been hanging on a sketch for some time and am finally bringing it to fruition. this will be 26x38 on some BFK $30 papers or something like that, so far it is just graphite, but i will be messing around with layers of color over top. need a meditative break from all my rushing around, so i have high hopes for this one (unless i screw it up or the cat shits on it). No time line set for completion just taking it easy. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday week, thanks everyone for stayin round.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Art Show Dec 11th Okc. Oklahoma

here is a link to the gallery. link link. hope you call can make it, the reseption is december 11th 6:00 evening, i will have 13 new works on paper in custom frames. Hope to see your faces!

the 13 pieces will also accompany a new zine that is limited to 55 with a custom lino print inside cover. if your interested in the gallery, I am sure they would be more then happy to sell you a copy. The zine is unique to the show, and will not be available afterwards, except for maybe a recolor or something down the road.

Here is the final of the 13, minus the red and custom frame. :D