Monday, March 17, 2014

I am taking a class on skillshare with Mike Butkus cause i'm wanting to learn a few things about his approach. i will first post my pic, which is the one on the left, mike went in and showed me what i could do to make the image more favorable with great notes. need your help picking from the bottom image.. please read if your giving feed back please... so after seeing the suggestions i went in and re drew my original, the line work on these are not as detailed as the original above. but will be planning to take it even further after i have chosen one from these 4 images. any feed back would be good to help me decide. if you like one could you also give a reason why. thank you its going to help me tons as i have no doubts and strongly believe everyone here has great taste! :D i have them each numbered.. thanks! btw, wish Ash had a class on skill share. would be a blast to hear his approach and detailed teachings. also i think the images are links to the original larger images if needed to help see the details.