Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Honest Zine review

Wow, i just opened my email to find a link to a great review of my zine honest. Thanks so much Adam. For those of you that are zine readers, Adam is the curator of the zine 22 really great guy, great art reviews, and great art. 22 zine has a few issues up for sale on there site.
its a very superior art news source, his magazine to me is up among the main published magazine such as juxtapoz, hi fructose, and Dangerous Ink, But with out all the advertising.

22 zine site you can preview the magaZINEs and order straight from the site

heres a link to the review, thanks again!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2 MORE poop poops

I have 2 more to show from previous sketches a few posts back. my scanner is a little short and it has cut off a bit of the illustration on the top and bottom. i have tried my best of crop these as interesting as possible given the challenge. I did get a chance to come in and scan everything this weekend so I'm pretty excited to only have 2 finials to finish and 12 more frames to complete. then its off to putting these guys in a zine for the show. I talked to a friend today about ebay frames, woo, there are some really nice Victorian frames for super cheap. thanks for the info, i think i might shop around for frames next time before starting such a weirdly shaped format.

so wish me luck this weekend is frames weekend, if i have all my fingers Monday I'll post some pics!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Progress, beer and powertools....

Lilly with her halo of shame
most of the 13 pieces, still due 3, a cover design for the zine and stories to go along. wee the month has been going by fast.
bad evil jigsaw blade
progress to frames

Okay, well had a few crazy past weeks. Lilly my dog ate a nail in front of me we had to remove it surgically, now shes wearing a scar and a bad girl halo of loud annoying plastic. I have been trying to find a way that is cheap enough to do the framing of all the 13 pieces for the December art show that is quickly approaching. well i shopped around, had (framer) someone picked, then bam money to the dog doctor. So i can kind of thank Lilly in this ironic way, because i have actually come up with a plan to make pretty cool frames on the cheap. so i liberated my dog of a nail, she liberated me of my framing funds, as well as pushed me to create what i felt i couldn't previously (diy frames). so i guess double good comes of double bad. Here are a few picks that i have taken of my progress with the frames. the frames are around a 1.45 ft tall, with the window area to fit a 9x13 illustration. I think its time to stick in a movie and start concepting the final 3.