Tuesday, September 29, 2009

hes still in the fetal stages but here is the next one i have been working on. still thinking on a name but i have something on the fringe.

i think shes done, i want to get the last 4 to this stage then i will go back and adjust and tweak things to satisfaction. if i hadn't mentioned before, this entire series is graphite, with hues of red and orange ghostly present. its kind of a weird series for me as i have am used to using more color or at least a richer color scheme. but to go along with writings of weird and creepy story telling i felt this was a fun route for the illustrations to take. :D

I have already started on the girl with the bowl from the comp below, shes dipping a vessel into the open chest of a fallen man with pretty leafy veins lifted into the air. creepy side ;)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Max and the Siamese Twins book, the limited edition first pressing has sold out. I hope everyone that was participating getting one got one. Here is the book for those that may not have seen it. I was featured along some really great talented artists. and here is the link to the book. I really enjoyed being involved in the project, some really great people over at glubdub.com.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2 more concepts in the making

here are the 2 newest pieces i have been sketching with for the next few pages. I will still need to work on one more page, and a cover illo. these are in the working stage and detail has not been completely worked out. you may see some changes from here to the final. but i just wanted to share these before i get backed up with working on 4 at once. If you want to share i would love to have your feedback.

*** update, finished blue lining these girls, gravity pulled me toward the swinging twins, so i might have a nice little update monday. or soonerrrr. :D
as promised, here is one of the 13 finished pieces for the creep short stories zine that i am diligently working on. this is mostly graphite, blue line pencil, red pencil lead, orange/red blushed on pastels, and the super handy arousal wood stain spray. well thats the process so far, i still am debating to use more color via photoshop/illustrator. we will see, these little guys can take some time.

Monday, September 21, 2009

published in DangerousInk 03

i found out today that the magazine that i was published in is out, not much of the month left so if you get a chance you might grab one, i have a 2 page spread. i picked up the last copy they had from my local barns & noble just tonight. its an orange-ish colored cover. edit ( so i thought)


okay found a pic of the cover. i guess my screen is screwy on color cause i swear its much more orange in person.

Friday, September 18, 2009

honest zine - 01 variant cover

I will shortly be re releasing the zine i had at my march artshow with a new block print pencil rubbing cover. all the internal content is the same on both editions, it was previously release in a edition of 33. i just wanted to offer it to friends that were not able to attend the show as well as new comers. I do not have an addition size set but am looking into that amount right now. each is signed, and hand rubbed cover so color, imperfections, and detail will be different among each copy. here is a sneak peak at the cover as well as the block i used.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

progress pt2 of Final Chapter

okay here is the updated graphite in the works, also you can slightly see a the watercolor underlay, very light, didn't want to add to much color preceding the red that will go in next, well after the graphite is complete. Also you can see the final is larger then scanner window, resulting in a horribly cropped version of the comp in my previous post. i will post a full version of the piece correctly cropped on the final when finished.

news and progress on "final chapter"

So far i have been working on several pieces for a short story zine of weird, scary, and may hap dark humor. i am doing finished pieces of these works that will be shown at a later date. Each piece i have a preset size framing the piece at this stage i have thumbed scanned, redrawn, repeat till happy. this is the comp for the final, i have been dragging the final around with me for that past week or so. I will do a scan here shortly to show the process of the piece and get your thoughts. All of the pieces in this series are on cold press board, watercolor, graphite, then finished with red color pencil. this is the common identity for this series. as you can tell i love doing series pieces.

i first started the idea of the short stories zine after my last show, and decided to change it up for my enjoyment. i had previously been working on my robot series and came to a stand still with the story. I wanted to push forward on some of my other non robot ideas, instead of pushing out junk that i wouldn't be happy with.

new sketch blog

this is pretty exciting, i can post all my progress work on my finals now. so anyone that's paying attention stay connected, you should start seeing things go up pretty soon.