Wednesday, November 11, 2009

#12 OF 13

Here is one of the last illustrations for the artshow. i will be showing this piece on its path to being finished. with a final shot of it in the frame.

here is a scan from a small thumbnail that will be blown up to 8x10 and revisited with darker lead. I usually start with thumbs about 1" wide and so on tall. this helps me insure that the space will be interested from a great distance, now for me to make it interesting closeup.

Here is the second step. i have redrawn this over a scaled back 10% print out of my original thumbnail at a size close to 8x10. this also allows me to crop my thumbnail appropriately with
illustrator as to the size i am framing.

graphite on hotpress board 9x13 initial scan, will be followed with a tweaked version with the reds applied.
graphite/ red graphite on hotpress board nearing the final stretch.
click image for larger view.

dye spray to age the image, unless i have the temptation to add anything else i will be posting an image of this in a frame soon


  1. cool! I like the concept alot man :)

  2. Nice Tony! Mr. Pro Penciler dude! :P I like how you explain each step. Interesting! Art show?? Like people come and see your stuff? That's cool!:D