Tuesday, November 3, 2009

art garage sale

okay found 2 more, these guys are all wood, 9inches tall not sure on the width. if your interested please shoot me an email (email at bottom of post) i will get you all the measurements and shipping costs

these both are all wood, nails and elbow grease, and wood stain. wait and some wire

These are sold as a set of 3 - 4"x4" wood with wood heads drawn on with color pencil and super sealed ( one has a cigarette, one has a pipe and the other is an x smoker) not sure on the shipping, would say 20 to be safe - these will be super bubble wrapped as well shipped with fedex.

no hope for 3d future kids 2ftx2ft - expected shipping on this is $40 bubble wrapped and fedexedzomb warhol and his super collar 2ftx2ft - expected shipping on this is $40 bubble wrapped and fedexed

monokid with wide angle lens camera, 2ft x 2ft - expected shipping on this is $40 bubble wrapped and fedexed

okay i have some art that has become quite the headache in the floor of the art room. So if you would like to have any of these just send me an offer and pay for shipping. These pieces are from my" Dandyland of failure" series in 2008. so they look way different then the direction i have been taking as of recent, but these guys are fun. i just don't have the room for them anymore. if you would please email me at dandysnaz@gmail.com just title the email garage sale or something to that matter so i can find it :D I will be taking down the pieces spoken for to make matters easier.

dont be shy, make me a offer, and pay for shipping. plus you will be funding my art budget! :D
btw, think reasonably cheap, not looking to get rich.

shipping is listed above as US shipping costs, if you happen to be out of the US please let me know so i can get you actual shipping costs.

thanks so much for looking, hope you get some art to hang on those walls!
garage sale clerk out...


  1. btw, those 2ftx2ft are on birch wood panels and have hanging stuff on the back. :P

  2. just took down the wood skull face. someone grabbed it

  3. Harajuku kids are now spoken for. thanks for looking.