Tuesday, September 29, 2009

i think shes done, i want to get the last 4 to this stage then i will go back and adjust and tweak things to satisfaction. if i hadn't mentioned before, this entire series is graphite, with hues of red and orange ghostly present. its kind of a weird series for me as i have am used to using more color or at least a richer color scheme. but to go along with writings of weird and creepy story telling i felt this was a fun route for the illustrations to take. :D

I have already started on the girl with the bowl from the comp below, shes dipping a vessel into the open chest of a fallen man with pretty leafy veins lifted into the air. creepy side ;)


  1. so gorgeous!!!!!! i am your biggest fan!!

  2. Why thank you very much, but don't tell my wife. :)