Thursday, September 17, 2009

news and progress on "final chapter"

So far i have been working on several pieces for a short story zine of weird, scary, and may hap dark humor. i am doing finished pieces of these works that will be shown at a later date. Each piece i have a preset size framing the piece at this stage i have thumbed scanned, redrawn, repeat till happy. this is the comp for the final, i have been dragging the final around with me for that past week or so. I will do a scan here shortly to show the process of the piece and get your thoughts. All of the pieces in this series are on cold press board, watercolor, graphite, then finished with red color pencil. this is the common identity for this series. as you can tell i love doing series pieces.

i first started the idea of the short stories zine after my last show, and decided to change it up for my enjoyment. i had previously been working on my robot series and came to a stand still with the story. I wanted to push forward on some of my other non robot ideas, instead of pushing out junk that i wouldn't be happy with.

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  1. wow! that's a great drawing tony! Looking foward to more of this short story!