Saturday, September 26, 2009

Max and the Siamese Twins book, the limited edition first pressing has sold out. I hope everyone that was participating getting one got one. Here is the book for those that may not have seen it. I was featured along some really great talented artists. and here is the link to the book. I really enjoyed being involved in the project, some really great people over at


  1. Tony! Congrats! Wish I can pour a glass to your success! I'm glad you're getting your name out there! and sold-out?? Nice! :D Well, I'll pretend toast to more recognition and success this year, next, and the future!!

  2. Hey thanks Brizl, kinda sad about them being sold out i was actual on my way to get one and got the good/sad news ;) but heck it was a blast being a part of it. i will keep you in the know if i hear of any other great projects going down!