Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Progress, beer and powertools....

Lilly with her halo of shame
most of the 13 pieces, still due 3, a cover design for the zine and stories to go along. wee the month has been going by fast.
bad evil jigsaw blade
progress to frames

Okay, well had a few crazy past weeks. Lilly my dog ate a nail in front of me we had to remove it surgically, now shes wearing a scar and a bad girl halo of loud annoying plastic. I have been trying to find a way that is cheap enough to do the framing of all the 13 pieces for the December art show that is quickly approaching. well i shopped around, had (framer) someone picked, then bam money to the dog doctor. So i can kind of thank Lilly in this ironic way, because i have actually come up with a plan to make pretty cool frames on the cheap. so i liberated my dog of a nail, she liberated me of my framing funds, as well as pushed me to create what i felt i couldn't previously (diy frames). so i guess double good comes of double bad. Here are a few picks that i have taken of my progress with the frames. the frames are around a 1.45 ft tall, with the window area to fit a 9x13 illustration. I think its time to stick in a movie and start concepting the final 3.


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  2. the frames are really awesome too! hugs and kisses

  3. Holy smokes I think those frames are kickass! I'm glad your pup is doing better :(