Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Honest Zine review

Wow, i just opened my email to find a link to a great review of my zine honest. Thanks so much Adam. For those of you that are zine readers, Adam is the curator of the zine 22 really great guy, great art reviews, and great art. 22 zine has a few issues up for sale on there site.
its a very superior art news source, his magazine to me is up among the main published magazine such as juxtapoz, hi fructose, and Dangerous Ink, But with out all the advertising.

22 zine site you can preview the magaZINEs and order straight from the site

heres a link to the review, thanks again!


  1. thanks for the nice words about 22 Zine!

  2. so cool! you always inspire me to be a better artist! i miss art nights with you and your lady.

    ps. thanks for the link. i'm looking into it :)

  3. i miss our art nights so much, we haven't had an art night in a long long time. I dont think we have had but 2 since you moved :(

    your welcome, hope to see some carrie originals up there soon! :D