Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2 MORE poop poops

I have 2 more to show from previous sketches a few posts back. my scanner is a little short and it has cut off a bit of the illustration on the top and bottom. i have tried my best of crop these as interesting as possible given the challenge. I did get a chance to come in and scan everything this weekend so I'm pretty excited to only have 2 finials to finish and 12 more frames to complete. then its off to putting these guys in a zine for the show. I talked to a friend today about ebay frames, woo, there are some really nice Victorian frames for super cheap. thanks for the info, i think i might shop around for frames next time before starting such a weirdly shaped format.

so wish me luck this weekend is frames weekend, if i have all my fingers Monday I'll post some pics!


  1. these 2 pieces are great Tony! so they will be at a show?

  2. Wow- these are great. I think that first one is a new fave of mine from you.

  3. wow, thanks guys! Brizl, yeah those are a few of the 13 pieces, will be making those extra 12 frames this weekend, ehh. haha

    thanks Scott, yeah i think she might be one of my favs as well. i really like how organic it feels! :D

    i cant wait to show the finals of everything in frames. have to wait till after the show so i wont spoil it for anyone. gotta keep it sneaky

  4. Hi Samax! nice to have you, thanks checking out my sketch blog! btw your movie review site is great!